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Debtor Controller
Your solution to late payments, unpaid invoices and improved cashflow
  • Clients paying you late?
  • Struggling with cash flow?
  • Cheque's in the post?
  • Spending time chasing customers?
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Debtor Controller is an online business tool that helps improve your cashflow and profitability by training your customers to pay you on time.

Training your customers to make you a priority for payment is just the start; Debtor Controller will also help you recover your debts AND keep your customers, reduce your admin time, calculate late payment and interest charges and provide a central system for your staff.

More often than not, customers don't pay you on time because:

  1. they've decided to pay someone else first, or
  2. they believe you're ok to wait for the money a while longer, and don't take your payment terms seriously.

Customers typically first pay those they need the most, and those that nag the most. If you're not in the first category, then Debtor Controller can help put you in the second.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy and experience is that by following a disciplined and professional debt collection process from the moment a debt becomes overdue, you can demonstrate to your customers that you manage debts seriously and efficiently.

Evidence suggests that the majority of customers will 'learn' to give you priority for payment and pay you on time, over their other suppliers, if you consistently follow a good process, and that's where Debtor Controller can help.

It is designed to provide your business, at low and fixed cost, a professional, proven and structured system both to collect your debts and crucially to train your customers to pay you on time.

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"I'm fed up with late paying customers...fed up with paying debt collectors and solicitors to collect my debts...fed up with invoice factorers and discounters taking a share of my profits..." Debtor Controller